What is PIR Panel?

PIR panel which is alternatively known as polyisocyanurate is made from a thermoset plastic and galvalume steel, PPGI, stainless steel or aluminum sheet. The steel of galvalume steel or PPGI used in the making of PIR panel thickness ranges 0.4-0.8mm.

The manufacturing of PIR panel can only be done on a completely automated line of production. If this is lacking, it usually affects the supplies of PIR panel to users. However, with a credible manufacturer like NEW STAR Company, estimated production of 3500㎡can be made on a daily basis.

Also, bubbles that usually emit from the manufacturing of PIR foam can be minimized to the minimum or even be avoided. PIR panel holds a grade B1 resistance to fire and this is one of the distinguishing fire-resistance capacities that a thermal insulation panel can have.

It has a density value that ranges from 45-55 kg/m3, a thickness value that ranges from 50-200mm, and a thermal conductivity that is as low as 0.018 W/mK. These entire features make PIR panel one of the best thermal insulation panels for that is accurate for heat conductivity and applicable for cold room storage facilities.

PIR panel comes in a width that is valued at 1120mm but its length is unlimited as its production is subject to the use and application of the customers. However, for the purpose of distribution via sea container 40HQ, the length of the PIR panel can be divided into many quantities of 11.85m.

Together with the production of PIR panel, NEW STAR PIR panel manufacturer attaches accessories like joint of ceiling and wall, PU Foam at the corner of 40HQ container to avoid scratching of the surface of PIR panel, PIR-panel compatible doors, and L channel, U channel, and materials that are used for hanging ceilings. The weight of the PIR panel largely depends on its thickness.

Do you know?

Users usually mistake PIR panel for PUR sandwich panels because they share some similarity. However, they are two different panels that have specific advantages. Below, you have something to see about their differences.

Post time: Mar-03-2022
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