Walk-In Cooler/ Freezer Installation Manual

Walk-In Cooler/ Freezer Installation Manual

This guide is provided for your information and guidance. Although no single set of directions apply to every situation; some basic instructions can assist in installation. For special installations, please contact the factory.

Inspection on delivery

Each panel will be marked at the factory, designating walls, floor, and ceiling panels. A floor plan is provided to assist you.

Please take time to inspect all panel boxes prior to signing for shipment, making note of any damage on the delivery ticket. If concealed damage is discovered, save carton and immediately contact carrier agent to initiate inspection and claim. Please remember, although we will assist you in any
way we can, this is your responsibility.

Handling of Panels

Your panels were individually inspected prior to shipment and loaded in good condition.Damage can occur if not properly handled while unloading and erecting your walk-in. If the ground is wet, stack panels on a platform to avoid contact with the ground. If panels are placed in outdoor storage, cover with moisture proof sheeting. When handling panels keep them flat to prevent denting and avoid resting them on their corner edges. Always use sufficient man power to eliminate mishandling or dropping panels.

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