Use and Application of PIR Panel

PIR Panel has a quite a number of application. These applications are stated as follows;

PIR Panel for Fruit Storage: PIR panel can be used to build fruit storage without wasting time. It has a durable resistance to moisture and UV light thus making your fruit lasts longer than it should be. The processing of farm produce and livestock require the most hygienic environment that is possible. With the use of PIR panel, you can construct a prefab agro-industrial building.

PIR Panel for Compartments in Building: PIR panel plays a significant application when used to sectionalize your wide areas. In your company, domestic homes, and factories, you can use the PIR panel to divide spaces and utilize the location size very well.

PIR for Freezer Room: PIR panel is a quality composite panel for freezer room. When using PIR panel for cold room, users should ensure that the panel goes deep into the ground. This is important so that the cold air will be duly contained without exiting. Ensure that a line is made on the PIR panel to break the transfer of heat. The heating wire should be laid out on the ground and additionally, XPS should be placed under the concrete ground.

PIR Panel for Roof: PIR panel can be used for the roof of a building to regulate the ventilation and serenity of the building. It plays a significant role in preventing harsh climatic conditions from invading into the building and making the not conducive for occupants.

PIR Panel for Walls: With a thermal conductivity of 0.18 W/mK, the transportation of heat into your PIR panel for walls is the most minimal you can ever see. With this, your building or cooling facilities remain absolutely cool and well ventilated for a long time. Therefore, you can use the PIR panel on your walls for better ventilation and comfort for the occupants.

Having seen some of the uses and applications of PIR panel, you should see some features that will make you use PIR panels for your buildings.

Post time: Mar-10-2022
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